So you are looking at this and thinking, "Great, I know I'm a Gemini, but what does that mean?" or "Tell me more about being a Leo." Well, here are some brief descriptions of each of the Sun Signs.

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A word about dates: Since planets don't always adhere to man's sense of time, the dates below are rough estimates. If you were born near the beginning or end of a sign, you will want to check an ephemeris for your birth year to know the moment the sun entered your sign.

March 21 - April 19

This vivacious, energetic sign is the youngest in our zodiac. They are usually young souls, eager to take on the world. As the first sign, they want to make a change in the world and often start projects, but Aries is not famous for finishing them. They are quick to get angry if crossed, using the Ram's horns to butt you back a safe distance. They sparkle when they are the focus as Aries has an egotistical quality that makes them both self-assured and selfish. The First House, the House of Self, is their natural home. As the Cardinal Fire sign, it takes passionate energy and uses it for immediate change. Aries is ruled by Mars and is associated with the head.

April 20 - May 20

Plodding, dependable, Taureans are the ones who will finish the Arien's projects. They are strong, sensual creatures who will continue on a given course until something monumental forces them to change. It is very difficult to get the Bull to do what you want them to do if they don't want to do it. They are well known for the stubborn natures, but they are also extremely supportive and show great strength of character when you need them. The Taurus is an Earthy Fixed sign, rooting it in practical, long-term goals. Ruled by Venus, Taureans appreciate beauty, especially in material possessions, which is their natural home, the House of Money and Possessions (Second House). This beauty often translates to the throat (Taurus's anatomical association) as many Taureans have beautiful speaking and singing voices.

May 21 - June 20

The Gemini can be likened to a hummingbird trying to choose which flower to land upon. They are quick, bright people who have a strong desire to learn about anything and everything, but they rarely dive deeply into one subject. The Twins do show themselves in various forms, one such being such strong mood swings that they almost seem to be two different people. Gemini have swift minds and even swifter tongues and are often talkative, happy to divulge sound bites that they've learned on a given subject. They are adaptable as Mutable Air signs and correspond to the respiratory system, arms, and hands. They also find home in the Third House, the House of Communication, and are ruled by Mercury.

June 21 - July 22

Cancer is the nurturing homebody of the zodiac and as such, finds home in the Fourth House, the House of Home and Belonging. They are mothering types who show empathy for those around them. This sensitive nature is protected by the Crab's hard shell and they can get critical when that shell is penetrated. Also, there's a tendency to be possessive; once you're in a Cancer's life, you're there for good. The Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign, deriving its desire for change from its emotional nature, a nature that is deeply affected by the Moon, Cancer's ruling planet. Cancer is naturally associated with the breasts.

July 23 - August 22

Following Cancer's lunar nature is the solar Leo. Ruled by the Sun, the Lion shows vitality, strength, and power. This is not a creature to be reckoned with. Born leaders, they have an incredible sense of pride and wonderful influence with those around them. A Leo strives for greatness and thrives as the center of attention. They have star quality and love to entertain. With all the passion of the Fixed Fire sign, they are stalwart in their course for long-term creation projects. As such, they feel at home in the Fifth House, the House of Sex, Children, and Creativity. Leo is associated with the heart and the upper back and no one could ever doubt a Leo's heart.

August 23 - September 22

Virgo, like Gemini, is also ruled by Mercury, but where Gemini flies through the forest, Virgo takes notes on each tree. Meticulous, analytical, the Mutable Earth sign is usually quiet, unassuming, and shows its hand in the work, rather than the person. At home in the Sixth House, the House of Work and Service, they are often drawn to jobs that involve helping other people, such as the health industry. Virgoans are organized and orderly. "A place for everything and everything in its place" is a statement that can be linked to the Virgin. Anatomically, Virgo is associated with the stomach and intestines.

September 23 - October 22

Flirtatious and diplomatic, the Libra is well-known for an obsession with balance. These people will go out of their way to avoid conflict except when it becomes a question of fairness. As the first sign in the second half of the zodiac, Libra takes Aries' self-orientation and doubles it, finding home in the Seventh House, the House of Partnerships. This includes, but is not limited to, romantic relationships. There is still a tendency to focus on oneself, which can manifest as vanity. As a Cardinal Air, Libra likes to consider change on an intellectual level and will hem and haw over even the tiniest decision such as where to eat that night. Also ruled by Venus, they appreciate beauty, but on a more abstract level, such as theatrical performances or musical compositions. Libra is associated with the lower back, buttocks, and kidneys.

October 23 - November 21

Scorpios are intense and intuitive. Like the Scorpion they are named for, they rarely sting, but when they do, utter destruction takes place. Scorpios are Fixed Water Signs, showing incredible strength and resistance that's derived from their emotional natures. They are able to see things that no one else sees and this usually enables them to win arguments. Even if they lose the argument, they are able to twist it so that it appears that they've won. With a home in the Eighth House, the House or Regeneration and Rebirth, they are not afraid of death, but recognize that death is just a change so that something else can be born. If they let you see, they can be deeply sexual, as they are associated with the genitals. This sign is ruled by the most elusive planet, Pluto*, the planet of power.

November 22 - December 21

Sagittarians are happy-go-lucky creatures of wanderlust. They love to travel and explore, taking the Gemini's love of information and applying it on a higher level. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion, Sagittarians have a nomadic nature, always seeking new adventures. They correspond to the thighs, muscles necessary for walking and hiking and climbing. The Sagittarian is the only human/bestial combination, thus showing a strong instinct with a keen mind. They are Mutable Fire signs, demonstrating their flexibility and passion with ease and most people find it pleasant to be around a Sagittarius. They are at home in the Ninth House, the House of Exploration.

December 22 - January 19

The "iceberg effect" is the best way to describe a Capricorn. Seen as cold, calculating, and shrewd, the Capricorn has much more going on under the surface if one can gain access. Ruled by Saturn, planet of limitations and constriction, Capricorns are commonly associated with father archetypes who, traditionally, are not as emotionally available, but go out and work to earn the living. They find home in the Tenth House, the House of Career and Ambition. With Cardinal Earth supporting them, they make changes that affect the practical world. Capricorns are associated with the knees.

January 20 - February 18

The Waterbearer is the most commonly confused sign. Although it is the Waterbearer, Aquarius is actually the Fixed Air sign, showing an intellectual planning for the long haul. Aquarians are original, eccentric creatures, a quality that stems from their ruling planet, Uranus*. They are socially oriented and find home in the Eleventh House, the House of Wishes and Friends. Aquarius is associated with the calves. One can usually find a new way of thinking from an Aquarian friend. Technology is one such way of thinking. As we move from an Age of Religion into the Age of Technology, one can say it truly is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

February 19 - March 20

That Age of Religion is the Age of Pisces, the sign of beliefs and dreams. The Mutable Water sign is the oldest of the signs and might be said to be an old soul. Pisceans are emotional and sensitive and sometimes find the world too harsh. They attempt to escape through dreams, fantasies, or, on the negative side, drug or alcohol use. Pisces is ruled by Neptune*, the planet of illusion and finds home in the Twelfth House, the House of Dreams, Secrets, and Self-Undoings. Associated with the feet, Pisceans are also fond of dancing, trying to literally dance their troubles away.

* It is interesting to note that originally, there were seven planets and each (except for Sun and Moon) ruled two signs. Thus, the traditional sigil for classic astrology is a heptagram (seven-sided star).

Mercury - Gemini and Virgo

Venus - Taurus and Libra

Mars - Aries and Scorpio

Jupiter - Sagittarius and Pisces

Saturn - Capricorn and Aquarius